Example sentences of "[verb] [be] for " in BNC.

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31 Oil is the most versatile , flexible and valuable of the primary fuels and part of the process of improved use of energy over the past decade has been for users to switch to other fuels to generate heat , thus saving oil for the transportation and speciality uses for which there are no cost effective substitutes .
32 And has been for over 40 years .
33 Selection has been for growth potential ; the average 400-day weight of bulls is 447kg and their mature weight 966kg , with an average withers height of 140cm ( the breed minimum is 132cm ) .
34 About 90 per cent of development in the zones has been for industrial or warehouse use .
35 About four-fifths of housing constructed in the LDDC has been for the owner-occupied sector .
36 The general trend over the years has been for LDC governments and state enterprises to rely increasingly on international banks rather than official transfers , i.e. foreign aid , to meet their foreign currency financial needs .
37 For some time the weapons states have maintained that the peaceful trade in peaceful atoms has been for purely peaceful purposes .
38 No , the fact remains that malaria is on the increase and has been for a number of years now .
39 This needs materials scientists , whose contribution is likely to be as decisive for biosensor research as it has been for mainstream biomaterials research .
40 If a child is sniffing with a group of young people , and has been for some time , it may help to provide other more interesting and exciting leisure activities .
41 The most recent contribution by the Dulverton Trust has been for the instalment of Dr Peter Ridgway Watt 's windows in the new wing of Wills Hall .
42 The castle walls surround the medieval town , which is still inhabited as it has been for hundreds of years .
43 I 've heard it 's out for the Commie ( well , has been for years ) , and was wondering where I could get hold of a copy .
44 ‘ Yes , it has been for the last hour . ’
45 The place anciently belonged to the Fauconbergs , but has been for many generations the seat of the Bethells .
46 ‘ I know David and Cath were planning a normal family Christmas at home , the way it has been for several years , ’ Mrs Smith said .
47 ‘ I know David and Cath were planning a normal family Christmas at home , the way it has been for several years .
48 There 's been more praise for Brian Clough , at the bottom of the League with Forest , than there has been for Norwich manager Mike Walker at the top .
49 There is no mention anywhere of the fact that these were brothers and sisters , nor that they were born in Frome ; that has been for us to establish later .
50 The trend in the UK has been for the pyramid to become flattened as many organisations have striven to reduce their layers of middle management to take account of new technology and cut costs .
51 Although annual rail investment , at more than £1bn , is currently higher than it has been for three decades , that results from decisions taken two to three years ago .
52 She will stay with the man at whose side she has been for years , Secretary of State James Baker .
53 I do n't think people have any idea how tough it has been for me .
54 No wonder that the answer to the puzzle was AN EXCLUSIVE SCOOP and that is just what her entry has been for Ann Scudder of Dartford , Kent as she is the one to scoop up this fabulous prize .
55 My wife Pam has been for some time aware that I have been having an on-going relationship with Suzannah , who I believe is known to some of you .
56 It 's also a relaxed , romantic ad for Bill S , more alive here than he has been for decades .
57 There has been for some time in Africa debate concerning the suitability for the Eucharist of wheat bread and grape wine .
58 So it has been for centuries , yet the multi-petalled bloom of modern times , epitomized by the modern Hybrid Tea rose ( or , as it is abbreviated , H.T. ) and probably most people 's mental image of all that a rose is and should be , is a product of modern hybridizing and cross-breeding that did not exist even as recently as medieval times .
59 It expects a loss for the first quarter and the loss will be substantially larger than analyst estimates — the average forecast has been for a loss of two cents a share on turnover of $565m — a figure the company says is way too high .
60 According to Spicker , this debate is ‘ moribund and has been for years ’ .
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