Example sentences of "[noun] for [noun] " in BNC.

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31 I increased the allocation to St. Helens for improvement work from £311,000 last year to £556,000 this year .
32 Siobhan Redmond I 'd seen once in a revue by Marcella for St Andrews University and I tracked her down in Glasgow and asked her would she like to do a show for buttons for the newly opened Tron Theatre , who were interested .
33 We see the importance of Hobbes for Oakeshott when we appreciate Hobbes 's achievement in effectively rejecting rationalism with his replacement of reason by will as the foundation of political authority .
34 This included unproductive items such as $2,730 for rental of office plants and start-up funds for companies with no projects .
35 You could try writing to a ramp builder , like Rare Unit or Freestyle Ramps for example .
36 So I left the forge , and started a new life , working as a clerk for Clarrikers , Herbert 's company .
37 In the United States allergy has been a specialty for decades .
38 He was in his prime , and had not long ago given up playing Rugger for Dudley .
39 be required to undertake further work on the project and be referred to his project tutor or mentor for counselling
40 Constructed from lightweight aluminium , it has extra wide treads and a handrail for safety .
41 Although all EC countries are afflicted by unemployment , you may still find vacancies for nurses in Germany , TV engineers in Portugal or clerks in the European Parliament in Brussels .
42 There are also vacancies for computer technicians , secretaries , and mechanics .
43 The advertisement pages of The Scotsman in the golden Edwardian afternoon carried long columns of vacancies for parlourmaids , cooks and housemaids ( so it is not surprising , though it must have been a source of irritation , that male printers hostile to women entering the trade often urged them to look for work " in service " ) .
44 Do you still have any vacancies for chambermaids ? …
45 There 's always plenty of vacancies for bar work here .
46 One organisation , which faced a marked seasonal demand for its output and made substantial hirings once a year , reserved its temporary vacancies for school leavers .
47 BIDEFORD — Delightful three-bed cottage , views over Bideford Bay , own washing-machine , children welcome , still some vacancies for July/August , ring Leatherhead 29786 .
48 Absenteeism will account for some gaps , and temporary vacancies for inability to state a clerk 's name .
49 We occasionally have vacancies for bartenders who must have at least two years ' experience of working a cocktail bar .
50 Thank you for your enquiry regarding vacancies for Enforcement Officers within this Department .
51 Having completed his course , he found that there were few vacancies for horticulturists and he is once again on the dole .
52 RSRE has vacancies for graduates and professionals in a number of expanding programmes involving the following key technology areas : Digital electronics , Communications systems , Radar and Electro-optical Sensors , Microwave circuits , Real-Time Signal Processing , Software Engineering , Modelling and Simulation , and System Engineering .
53 A Wrangler T-shirt for Paul
54 Myers may be mining his adolescence for material , but at the same time he 's giving a continent 's youth big-screen justification for its own sedentary existence .
55 By Susan Stirling for Rita Rusk International
56 Campus is a new newspaper published by the University of Stirling for University staff , Members of the Court , Members of Conference , Alumni , Honourary Graduates and Friends of the University .
57 I smile and drink my champagne , remembering when Andy came to Stirling for Yvonne and William 's party , five years ago .
58 Monday : Depart Stirling for Edinburgh .
59 Comparatively large ‘ irregular forces ’ were earmarked to carry out the raids , which would be commanded by Hazelden for Tobruk and Stirling for Benghazi .
60 Saturday : Depart Stirling for Oban .
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