Example sentences of "[noun] i give " in BNC.

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31 In the final chapter I give a summary .
32 I 'm taking here about pure , blind betting of someone who is not attempting to exercise any skill but is just looking at the odds offered by the bookies , and pointing out — and I 'll have a table to demonstrate this in the talk I give at the Open Day — the way in which the rate of return on bets made in this way decreases steadily the longer the odds are offered .
33 Let me give you the text of a talk I gave to the Bridport Women 's Institute , before the Scandal , and when Julian and I were still developing our blueprint for the world of the future .
34 In one of my books I gave more information than was needed to solve a particular problem .
35 Secondly , we are told that David I gave the town the muir in 1128 , whereas to the best of our knowledge he did nothing of the sort .
36 Gentlemen I gave my name , my rank , and my number some time ago , ' Steiner said .
37 At the third attempt I gave up and hailed a taxi .
38 I READ with interest the article about me ( Echo March 2 ) which draws on an interview I gave with two journalists from the Sunday Mail .
39 I did n't approve of what he was doing , but if I refused his money I would be more and more visible , so I took it , and when he had gone off in relief back towards the dining car I gave it to the barman .
40 it opens the door , it opens the door , that 's why both my younger girls , I mean Diane 's a different policy any way cos she wants to be a , but with the other two , who worked interest in computers and when they left college I gave them crash course in , in typing not in shorthand because they do n't they do n't need shorthand nowadays ,
41 And when I came back , Bobby I gave Grant they and erm he must 've been pretty desperate because he did a wee wee before we left and he did a wee wee before
42 At first light I gave Taff a shake and presented him with a mug of tea .
43 The greatest pleasure I gave him was the fact that nobody knew about me .
44 The figure I gave was on erm sites which were allocated
45 What I w what I will say to my honourable , my right honourable friend is that er when I recently visited the United States I did find that the , on which our training and enterprise councils have been based , have provided a very valuable experience for us in learning the lessons that he had indicated of ensuring that the private sector is fully involved in decisions over training and I believe that the figure I gave to my honourable friend early today , combined with over two billion that my department spends on training , forms a very effective public private sector partnership .
46 That form bears the closest inspection and as the six-year-old has settled into his new surroundings at the Marriott Stables I give him the edge over Newton Point , whose cause will not have been helped by the rain .
47 One particularly cold winter I gave in but stipulated that I must n't be around when it happened .
48 is that the milky bar I gave him ?
49 ‘ Certainly , Cabannes did superbly at the back of the lineout today but he was a regular target and in all other areas I gave Back the edge .
50 In Committee I gave a list of the bus stations in town and city centres in England that had been sold off similarly to , although rather less spectacularly than , the station in Southampton .
51 ‘ And what you said this morning … about that manuscript I gave you .
52 ‘ Well I 'm not , ’ said Robert , ‘ and I want to know what you 've found out about that manuscript I gave you ! ’
53 Bishop Burnet I gave up with even more regret than the ‘ place . ’
54 One exercise I give classes in creative writing is to think of someone , Miss or Mr O'Connor , standing by a window reading a letter .
55 When I think of the abuse I gave you … ‘
56 Peace I leave with you ; my peace I give you .
57 To those who put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ , he says ‘ Peace I leave with you ( peace with God ) my peace I give unto you ( the peace of God ) . ’
58 So the rabbi ran after the man and said : ‘ I have just found out that the jewel I gave you is more precious than I thought — do n't sell it for too little . ’
59 ‘ To the preparation of both courses of lectures I gave far more attention than I had latterly been giving at Durham . ’
60 Looking back over some lectures I gave in the early 1980s , I note that the division between the schools which could raise money and those which could not was even then causing me concern .
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