Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 R.B. And of course where I was sat you see you were waving your hands through the air and I noticed it …
32 She went to the headquarters of the Special Air Services in Hereford where she underwent a ‘ terrifying ’ driving course where she learnt the basic techniques in handling a possible terrorist attack or kidnap attempt .
33 Readers may effect mappings between role fillers in different clauses of a text or they may effect mappings between names and role fillers .
34 Yet Llewelyn felt the forces of heaven moving him , and aligned himself with them boldly , going without hesitation where they carried him .
35 With all the macros together on one page , someone doing accounts where they only want some of the standard sheets , can just choose those that are relevant . ’
36 In a very influential paper , Daniel Maltz and Ruth Borker have placed particular emphasis on the fact that girls and boys play in single sex peer groups where they learn different styles of speech .
37 Still with the chap in the lightweight , knee-length anorak of French origin , very popular with bearded prannies who wear ethnic shoes , get off on Olde English folk music and have girlfriends called Ros who run encounter groups where you can find your true self and be at one with the cosmos .
38 Nor can I look at the way in which this view of faith and reason has influenced contemporary Christian thinking , both mainstream and among the evangelical or fundamentalist groups where it is most in evidence .
39 The result is that his narratives collapse time into an extended present where he , like Sukenick 's narrators , gleefully rides the random .
40 Drug profits have also been affected by provisions in the Drug Trafficking Offences Act 1986 ( Section 24 ) , which makes assisting drug trafficking an offence , and also provides immunity from breach of contract where it is disclosed to the police that funds or investments are derived from drug trafficking .
41 In many cases the contract under consideration between the buyer and the seller will be a subcontract ( for instance to provide components ) which will be used by the buyer to fulfil part of his obligations under a prime contract where he is in his turn acting as the seller .
42 Prisoners may complain to the prison authorities or they may complain to the Board of Visitors .
43 We found a tent where they were cooking omelettes filled with clams .
44 When the olive-skinned Valentino was seen kidnapping a white girl and taking her to his tent where he seduced her , cinema audiences were treated to a franker exposé of naked lust on the screen than they had ever seen before .
45 The sun is low now and I need a lot of time to pitch my tent where I am headed , the dry watercourse near the laibon 's village .
46 These dramatic spectacles are caused by charged particles , which are accelerated in solar flares , being diverted towards the poles by the Earth 's magnetic field where they enter the upper atmosphere causing ionisation and producing light .
47 Probably much of his success as a teacher sprang from this , for the young greatly enjoyed his moments of iconoclasm , even when it was carried on to the cricket field where he had no knowledge of and certainly no respect for the laws of the game , as a current Member of Parliament may remember .
48 Finally , he found another field where he could hide .
49 Clearly , this is another aspect of the European playing field where it would be desirable for some levelling to take place …
50 During this period , one Spitfire was manhandled through the mud to the far end of the Abbotsinch field where it was loaded onto road transport for conveyance to Glasgow .
51 The audit report should refer to significant departures from SSAPs where either they are not explained in the accounts or they are explained in the accounts but the auditor does not concur .
52 The audit report should refer to significant departures from SSAPs where either they are not explained in the accounts or they are explained in the accounts but the auditor does not concur .
53 ‘ Do n't cut her hair or it will stop her talking ! ’
54 Make sure you apply the mousse evenly throughout the hair or you can end up with a stiff , sticky mess !
55 He put down the tray on the floor , and brought out her cap from the pocket in his coat into which he had stuffed it , saying , however , ‘ Let go your hair or I do n't return it . ’
56 My mother said I should never cut my hair or I 'd lose my strength , like Samson in the Bible . ’
57 You have tried to create a new charge code using option 7.7.1 — Create Charge Code and you do not have MANAGER privilege or you have tried to offline a package using option 9.1.0 — Request Package To Be Offlined , and you are not the package manager .
58 ‘ Is that his story or hers ? ’
59 as well , had a little do with a little boy called Shane , he decided he wanted to come into the story with a , in his blue car , I explained that on the day of the choose he could either come in and have a story or he was to play with the blue car outside , well he had a fit , he 's rattling the door , anyway , I did n't realize there was this childminder that he had with him not er his mum , cos she came and had her sort of say and things
60 Or you could just write about how you enjoyed the story or you did n't enjoy the story , or you think it 's a great story , or what actually happened in the story .
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