Example sentences of "there be [noun] all over the " in BNC.

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1 One said : ‘ There are drawings all over the station taking the mickey .
2 There are sites all over the world designing pieces of software and bits of hardware to add-to , join with and go into PC 's .
3 There are members all over the RSA and across the world .
4 She told BBC Radio 4 's The World At One : ‘ There are infernos all over the place .
5 And there are places all over the City .
6 Now there are cracks all over the house — the result , the Maskells say , of slippage caused by foundations being dug for a block of flats next door .
7 Claiming that health workers ' fears were being overcome and that there was now a much better understanding of the plans , Mr Clarke said : ‘ There are volunteers all over the service waiting for Parliament to approve these provisions so we can get on with it from next summer onwards . ’
8 ‘ Out in the back lanes you see crows , robins , jackdaws , linnets — delightful birds — blue tits and so on , but there are cats all over the place .
9 There were bones all over the place .
10 ‘ Was that why there were policeman all over the road ? ’
11 There were pubs all over the place which served perfectly acceptable Sunday lunches .
12 There were mirrors all over the place .
13 Well as you know , in nineteen eighty one , there were there were troubles all over the country , which seemed to start from problems in Brixton .
14 Although there were stores all over the world , manufacturing and distribution were highly centralized ; most of the products were made in one giant plant .
15 There 's Lego all over the place .
16 There 's sky all over the place ! ’
17 There 's contractions all over the place because erm and all sorts .
18 Then there was water all over the stairs and she 'd yelled ‘ Get me to the hospital ’ .
19 Even gallons of Dettol ca n't mask celestial incense , and try as she might , there was incense all over the floor every bleeding morning .
20 During the attack on Wheeler there was pandemonium all over the base , men fought to move the parked aircraft before they were damaged by the air strike .
21 At Ferrari it waited for him to put a foot wrong and there was blood all over the walls . ’
22 He bled … he tried to reach the door … there was blood all over the floor … pints of it .
23 ‘ She had been shot in the head and there was blood all over the sheets .
24 Mechanic Tommy Murray , 24 , who works in a garage on the corner of the road , said : ‘ There was blood all over the place .
25 He was very dead , and there was blood all over the floor .
26 There was blood all over the windows , too , and Magee had to wipe it away with the sleeve of his coat in order to see through the windscreen .
27 When he stood there was blood all over the white shirt his mother had dressed him in that morning .
28 He said ; There was blood all over the floor and rings scattered around .
29 It was rather spectacular really — there was blood all over the place and covering my hand .
30 There was mud all over the place .
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