Example sentences of "has [vb pp] over [art] long period " in BNC.

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1 Also the junction between the uncorroded metal and the applied patina is very sharp , whereas a patina which has developed over a long period of time will have eaten into the metal in a very irregular and quite characteristic manner that is very difficult to imitate .
2 Figure 18.4 shows , by means of five-year moving averages of deaths per million in England and Wales , how the disease has behaved over a long period in relation to other serious illnesses .
3 Even at the primary stage , it has been shown that children can often grasp that a country house contains material that has accumulated over a long period .
4 But what I am saying in context , no this has a deal to do with the co boundaries , as you know erm the honourable member well knows , the essence of this this is wholly inappropriate in terms of erm trying to latest citizenship through an arrangement of six additional boundaries into a erm union and a political state and I think that that is the profound objection that this side of the house has expressed over a long period of time now , is a reflection of the public mood in the country in respect of this election and the way the boundaries er are are erm apportioned and all I say in conclusion is that this is an evidence further of the irrelevance of this house in reflecting and attesting to public opinion outside .
5 Your own , personalized weight control programme has not been a sudden thing but has evolved over a long period of time .
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