Example sentences of "we shall [adv] assume that " in BNC.

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1 We shall also assume that nucleosynthesis calculations imply , where , and where b is the mass-density of baryonic matter .
2 For simplicity we shall also assume that firms expect that the position of the aggregate demand curve in period 2 will also be AD .
3 We shall also assume that wages rather than prices are set in advance , so that our formal model is one of ‘ wage stickiness ’ rather than ‘ price stickiness ’ .
4 In ( a ) we shall simplistically assume that the referents of I and Adam are fixed by spatio-temporal co-ordinates .
5 Here , we shall provisionally assume that whenever an adjective , e.g. long , is used , there is in the world which the speaker postulates ( if only for the sake of discussion ) some entity of which it is used , directly or indirectly .
6 For simplicity we shall further assume that the length of the loop in the y direction is smaller than the period of the magnetic field ,
7 For simplicity we shall further assume that b
8 In the following examples , we shall always assume that the training set is already represented suitably .
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