Example sentences of "keep an eye on the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Nobody has the monopoly of wisdom and it 's important , it seems to me , that you have economists keeping an eye on the economics of the situation , sociologists looking after the cultural and individual choice sides , psychologists , people 's appraisal of their environment , geographers saying this sort of development is more appropriate there because of environmental conditions than there , and so on .
2 Constable Perkins was torn between keeping an eye on the scene of the crime — and perhaps making a brilliant arrest — or calling up reinforcements .
3 He watched the screen , struggled to get the frame-hold to work , all the while keeping an eye on the scene in the operating theatre .
4 So as the unofficial electioneering gathers pace , Mr Kinnock is keeping an eye on the date .
5 He grasped the coroner 's arm and swung him round , keeping an eye on the hospitaller now standing behind them .
6 Keeping an eye on the child 's play while talking to parents can provide a lot of basic information about the child 's developmental level ( Lowe 1975 ) .
7 Their role included keeping an eye on the conduct of their fellows .
8 Keeping an eye on the weather … adventurer Rosemary Upton Life can be just plain sailing … ( with a bit of help , of course ) WHEN you get into your seventies for some For Rosemary Upton , who is just into her seventies , life could n't be more hectic or more adventurous !
9 Who are , as you probably all know , erm , in London , or on their way to London , lobbying , I hope successfully , but I fear probably not , said he , keeping an eye on the tape recorder trying to get more money out of the government in regard to our backing in this , and we wish you well .
10 But there was to be no resting , particularly with Jeffrey Archer keeping an eye on the time .
11 Flushed and triumphant after this orgy of extravagance , they left the store at last , keeping an eye on the time because Mabel must n't be late with the boys ' tea whatever happened and then they had a long , annoying wait at the bus-stop .
12 Tracy was keeping an eye on the time all the time , they did n't rehearse it , none at all .
13 She found Ernest and Charlotte on their knees with the rest , with Enoch , as far as a three-year-old could , keeping an eye on the baby nearby .
14 The company added that a standby boat was keeping an eye on the situation .
15 She heard a footfall , she pressed herself back , keeping an eye on the street ; in a doorway , further on , a silhouette detached itself for a moment , and she saw a man throw his head back and shake it as if intoxicated , while holding his arms extended , and she fancied she heard him speak to his own fidanzata of that evening , she imagined him murmuring about her hair — as dark as a raven 's wing , perhaps ?
16 Since last October , inventors have had to pay renewal fees to keep US patents in force , so any firm interested in copying the gull-wing design will be keeping an eye on the status of the DeLorean patent .
17 Helen will also be keeping an eye on the job market while she is away and praying that employers will see her experience in a positive light .
18 Keeping an eye on the colony over the next fortnight I saw that another half-dozen polyps had followed the first .
19 Sien came in to see him on visiting days , and she was keeping an eye on the studio .
20 Mrs Oliver is walking the dog , Alfred has washed and tidied away the tea things while keeping an eye on the shop from the adjoining neat and spotlessly clean flat .
21 Jonadab questioned the waggoner 's lad , who had been given the job of keeping an eye on the horse .
22 You ca n't go wrong , because I 'm so used to doing these operations that I can keep an eye on the cat 's breathing at the same time . ’
23 We 've got ta keep an eye on the water .
24 has already crapped himself about the visit cause extra work of course but er the er however we should er revert maybe we 'll keep an eye on the schedule and things er but we we need to tie it up tight so we do n't get a cos I mean what 's being said now in the corridors of power is that the schedule is totally sales driven and it 's the sales department that 's put it together , I am only the administrator , I only I d I completely take my orders from the sales department quote unquote in front of everybody at the management meeting .
25 let's er keep an eye on the bottom now .
26 Titch left him a key , you see , while he was away , so he could keep an eye on the place , or maybe if he wanted to do some painting , the way your nan carried on about him doing it at home — anyway , he went round there that night . ’
27 Neighbours who can keep an eye on the house , and can be trusted to feed pets or have a key when necessary , can make a lot of difference to settling happily .
28 The grill is efficient and can be operated with the door open so you can keep an eye on the food as it cooks .
29 ‘ Said I 'd keep an eye on the kiddy for an hour or two .
30 At least this way they could keep an eye on the supply source .
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