Example sentences of "under the watchful eye of " in BNC.

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31 Under the watchful eye of their very own ringmaster , Matt Gosling , would-be Cocos can learn how to juggle , spin and cope with the embarrassment of failure .
32 Back at the Young Telegraph , their final copy is put together under the watchful eye of a full-time reporter .
33 It will be a most welcome first for Derry should they win the Sam Maguire Cup and they have been preparing for their big day with rigorous training sessions under the watchful eye of manager Eamon Coleman who this weekend will outline his strategy in secret conclave with his players .
34 During all the activity on the square , 5 Platoon have been working away in the gym doing circuit training under the watchful eyes of the Physical Training Instructors .
35 Senna went on to win nine Formula Three races in succession and his success was to ensure a regular succession of hopeful young Brazilians leaving home to drive under the watchful eyes of Bennetts .
36 Many of his young friends still lived at home under the watchful eyes of their mothers and needed a place to take their mistresses .
37 Students living in crowded dormitories under the watchful eyes of their ‘ banzhuren ’ and monitors could be kept in line relatively easily .
38 They continue to sing the praises of the boisterous Orc gods Gork and Mork in their barbarous fashion , holding midnight feasts to consume gallons of Brew and to fight each other under the watchful eyes of their crude idols .
39 The photographs are arranged on the walls of a tower spanning two floors and narrowing at the top , suggesting a chimney — fittingly , since all 4,000 Jews of Eisziszki were shot by Lithuanian guards in September 1941 , under the watchful eyes of the SS .
40 Developed and designed by Austin , Texas-based Ross , under the watchful eyes of Sun Microsystems Inc engineers , the superscalar , superpipelined HyperSparc begins life as a 66.7MHz unit delivering 70 SPECmarks ( 55 SPECint , 64 SPECfp ) , 133 MIPS and 32 MFLOPS , compared to the 50 SPECmarks of Texas ' initial 40MHz Viking CPU .
41 Drawing close to the body , under the watchful eyes of Lorrimer and Doyle , he thought , as he often did at such a scene , that it looked unreal , an anomaly , so singularly and ridiculously out of place that he had to stifle a nervous impulse to laugh .
42 He was too young to be awarded a pilot 's certificate , but on November 16 he flew the Farman under the watchful eyes of Royal Aero Club observers and was granted pilot 's certificate No 368 .
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