Example sentences of "be [vb pp] all over the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Footsteps are heard all over the building causing surprise and apprehension and expectancy in those visitors who have heard about the phenomena but have n't experienced it .
2 Table 7 gives some idea of the many Friesian derivatives which have since been developed all over the world .
3 Counties are designated all over the south .
4 Families are like constellations of stars : we see each one as an entity , because they make some recognisable design , yet the individual stars are scattered all over the universe , apart .
5 The first 20 live closest to the hospital that is to do the transplant , the next 20 are somewhat further afield and the remainder are scattered all over the country .
6 The teaching faculties and administrative offices are scattered all over the city but , forming a wonderful backdrop to King 's Parade , stands the Senate House .
7 In more recent times , the present owners turned the old peasants ' houses , which are scattered all over the estate , into pleasant apartments .
8 oh , right oh then , she said it 's been done all over the country
9 Bottle bins and cages for newspapers and cardboard have been positioned all over the centre and the scheme will be inaugurated at 2pm on June 17 .
10 His drawings and paintings have been exhibited all over the world .
11 It reveals all that has been said in the many policy launches and the speeches that have been made all over the country .
12 And th th th they 're known all over the world .
13 They 're spread all over the country , which is why I have to travel so much and why the Consulate had difficulty tracing me . ’
14 ‘ They are used all over the school . ’
15 In the last 21 years the British state has developed a range of counter-insurgency techniques which have been exported all over the world : ‘ special units ’ such as the SAS , sectarian shoot-to-kill squads , political laws , special courts , media censorship and new styles of torture which leave no mark .
16 Over the last year thousands of films have been produced all over the world .
17 His photographs of both Irish and international artists have been used all over the world , in books , newspapers , magazines , tour programmes , films , advertisements and on record sleeves .
18 His work has been sold all over the world and he recently held a successful one-man exhibition in Paris .
19 These circumstances are mirrored all over the country and are linked with the lack of a firm policy framework at school , local authority and national level .
20 Based on original sheep shears , 82 different models are exported all over the world .
21 At midnight the church bells are sounded all over the city and the sky is full of all varieties of fireworks .
22 It took him nearly an hour to assemble the rest of the stick who had been dragged all over the desert by their parachutes .
23 His predecessor in the position commented : " He 's been dragged all over the company .
24 Here the usual export formalities occur before the guitars are shipped all over the world .
25 The method has been imitated all over the world , in places as diverse as New Zealand , Italy , Russia , England , California , Australia , Spain and India , and that list is by no means complete .
26 It proves that winds are distributed all over the globe , and that the whole planet enjoys a circulatory system like — ’
27 Shiseido has increased the proportion of the moisturising ingredient hyaluronic acid in the Matte Red Lipstick to give a velvety texture , and the three-sided Black Variations Shadow Liner is as soft as charcoal so that it can be blended all over the eyelid or gently smudged as a liner .
28 ‘ Minpins of the forest ! ’ he cried , raising his small voice so that it could be heard all over the tree .
29 Her eyes were like Glittering Stars ; her raging voice could be heard all over the County — even as far as Cleveland .
30 in the heavens and let us make a celebrated name for ourselves for fear we may be scattered all over the earth , well that was God 's command was n't it there they said be scattered all over the earth
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